Create VM based on Ubuntu 20.04 and KVM cloudinit

Get Ready for the Disk Feast!

If one day you find yourself pondering how to make the most of a standalone server with virtualization support, consider employing Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) technology to partition your server. KVM is a solution for performing hardware-assisted full virtualization tasks on supported hardware devices.

The article uses hosts with multiple IPv4 addresses as an example to configure VMs based on KVM virtualization technology using Cloud-init configuration files.

Setting up Hadoop Environment on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

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Grace Murray Hopper, American computer scientist

In the Apache Software Foundation’s projects, besides the long-standing and widely used httpd web server, perhaps none is more widely used in the industry than Hadoop. Hadoop provides a reliable and scalable distributed computing solution for massive data. Over the years, we’ve heard some arguments about “Is Hadoop dead?” However, products from various cloud service providers(Invalid Link) indicate that Hadoop and its surrounding ecosystem are still experiencing benign development and continue to extend into more fields. To this day, Hadoop remains the best solution for distributed processing of massive data.